Gabe Catalfo fields (grass) - Rainout hotline for grass fields, 510.981.5161. No rainout # for the turf field. 

There’s a $250 fine for playing on a closed field.

Tom Bates Regional Sports Complex a.k.a. Gilman field. Games are played in both the artificial turf and 

the grass field adjacent to the south side of the turf field.  -   Only water is allowed on the artificial turf. No 

dogs, bikes, skateboards, gum, nuts, food, alcohol, smoking, no gatorade, no vitamin water or any drink 

other than water. Individuals violating this the first time is fined $100 and must leave the field. $150 fine for 

the team the second time and the entire team must leave the field, third time a $200 fine, team must leave 

the field and loses its slot for the rest of the season.

ALCOHOL and SMOKING is not allowed on any sports field in the state of California.

Gabe Catalfo Fields:

Tom Bates Fields (aka Gilman Turf)