Berkeley Co-ed Soccer League

Legitimate Apes - Spring 2014 11v11 champions
Summer 7v7 will end Aug 17. 
Fall 11v11 season will begin Aug 24, 2014. First game starts
at 1 pm and last game is at 7 pm. Team and individual player
inquiries... info@berkeleysoccer.org.  (Note: a 3rd party is in
 charge of this email address).

11v11 games are played at Gabe Catalfo field (grass) and Tom Bates Sports Complex. 7v7 are winter & summer games. Winter/summer games are played at Gilman fields only.

Please note that food, chewing gum, sodas, gatorade and sugared drinks are not allowed on Gilman field. ONLY WATER IS ALLOWED ON THE TURF FIELD.






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